Written here is the full transcript for the episode "Clowning Around".

Nessa: (excited chatter).

Lili's mom: all done sweetie.

Lili: I love it i love it.oh thank you mom(hugs her)(to Nessa)c'mon Nessa.

Nessa: (giggles).

Matt: you can try to run but I'll catch you.

All: (laughter).

Matt: bongo's gonna get tagged.

Bongo: can't catch me can't catch me.

Matt: gotcha.oof.

Bongo: bongo bongo bongo the king of tag.

Matt: hey bongo tie your shoelaces.

Bongo: what shoelaces.

Matt: you're it.(laughs).

Yuri: c'mon.

All: (laughing).

Yuri: (gasps).

Bongo: you're it.hey aw no fair.

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