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Count Glerm





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Count Glerm is the first part of the sixth episode of the show "My Big Big Friend".


Yuri is having trouble in French class, while the rest of his friend pick up new languages rather quickly. When Matt and Lili ask him to join them in number practice with Nessa and Bongo, Yuri refuses, saying "I want to play hide and seek, then we'd have to count to ten like normal". Golias, however, shows that is not always the case, for when the group runs out of hiding places, the blue elephant suggests (against Yuri's wishes) that they move their game to "Glermygland", a magical imaginary country where the number one law is that you have to speak "Glerm" or not be able to talk at all. Once there, Yuri is forced to chose between sitting out the game as a mute or playing the game by accepting strange foreign languages as a fun part of life, and that one needs to learn them to communicate fully.


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