Written here is the full transcript for the episode "Fort Messy".

(The episode starts off with Matt and Bongo playing.)

  • Bongo: "Beep.Beep.Beep.Beep.Beep.Beep."
  • Matt: "You're suppose to go Vroom.Vroom.Vroom."
  • Bongo: "Vroom.Vroom.Vroom."

(He knocks a pile of blocks over.)

  • Bongo: "This should be a lot better with your toy crane."
  • Matt: "I don't know where It is."

(The doorbell rings.)

  • Matt's mom: "Matt your friends are here."
  • Matt: "Great."

(Yuri and Lili are at the door.)

  • Yuri: "Guess what."
  • Lili: "Big news."
  • Yuri: "We asked your mom."
  • Lili: "She says you can come too."
  • Matt: "What.Where?"
  • Yuri: "My dad is taking us to the beach.We're going to have a picnic too."
  • Matt: "Really?Yeah.I love swimming.Mom where's my bathing suit."
  • Matt's Mom: "Well.I put it on your bed after I washed so it's in your room somewhere."