Hair Brained Idea


Hair Brained Idea





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Hair Brained Idea is the second part of the sixth episode of the show "My Big Big Friend".


Matt normally gets his haircut only by his mom, but since she has a tight schedule this time he has to go to the barber, whom he doubts would ever cut it just the way he likes it. "It's to bad we have to get our hair cut at all." Bongo stated, and that's when Matt gets an idea: the two of them could become cavemen and never have to get a haircut again. Soon enough, however, the hair on both their heads get too long and messy... they even found birds and squirrels making nests in their hair(!)... and before either of them knew it, Bongo's long, tangled mane gets him stuck in a tree and unable to bounce again! To that end, Matt has to "invent" the first barbering appointment to not only save his friend, but give him a look he knows the cave-kangaroo would be happy with, undoing his own fear of going to the barber when the two friends return to modern times.


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