Lili is a human seen in "My Big Big Friend". Her best friend is Nessa. She is voiced by actress Addison Holley in the US and Canadian dub of the series, and unknown for the book only.


Lili appeared in most episodes. Her first appearance was in "Brickle Pickle".


Lili has light brown skin and small eyes. Her black hair is worn into pigtails which are fluffy and they sort of stick up all over the place with pink bows. She wears glasses, and a white shirt with green and blue stripes. Over her shirt are orange overalls with a yellow pocket on it. She also wears matching yellow sandals. Her friend Nessa wears glasses just like her.

In the books, Lili is described as having long dark red hair worn in two pigtails, big green eyes, a small nose, and caucasian (denoted as fair or white) skin. Aside from this, very little of Lili's appearance is described.



Lili is 3 years old, very determined, a bit mishevious, but loyal, and often speaks before she thinks. She is sweet to her other friends, and often tries to help take care of her younger siblings; this has given her a tendency towards bossiness, which her friends do not always like, especially when she tries to take control of their games. One day, Lili wants to be a princess.


In the books, Lili is an artistic, excitable student. She enjoys art class heavily, and spends the entire period trying to painting as many pictures as she can as quickly as she can. ("Lili") However, it appears she rarely regards the quality of her art all that much, as she is far more focused on painting several hundred pictures with Ike. While she does experience trouble with criticism, as she runs home wept sweetly when Mrs. Lovebird notes that if one person were to draw a single better picture in their life than Lili's two million, then that person would've produced more art than Lili, she also does take these criticisms to heart, as she then focuses on Painting the best hamster she can. It is shown that oftentimes Painting focuses on her art so much, she often has difficulty in other classes.


Trivia Edit

  • Lili's voice actress, Addison Holley is known for playing voice roles of Owlette in PJ Masks, Hazel Charming in Little Charmers, and Anne in Amazon Prime's Annedroids.
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