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Lili Bee





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Lili Bee is the first part of the twentieth episode of the show "My Big Big Friend".

Plot Lili is presenting her own flower to everyone at school. After that she puts her flower on the window sill. Nessa asks Lili about the flower but she ignores the questions. As Golias went to the window to smell the flower a bee flies around it. Yuri tells Golias that bees can painfully sting people who bother it. Lili tells Nessa that she knows everything about bees because she is the queen of them. The characters are all beside the flower. They all have bee wings that make them fly. Since that Lili is the queen bee she wears a bee attire except that instead of only having wings she also wears a crown on her head. The other bees do not get to wear a crown like Lili is. A bee flies toward the flower. Lili believes that bees smell through their wings. The bee flies away which makes Nessa think that bees use their wings to fly. They go to find the bee hive. Lili points it out and even though Nessa thinks that it's an ant hill Lili still believes that it's an underground bee hive. The fly into the hive only to find leaves and insects to which Nessa thinks they're ants. Lili says that they are bees that are really old and old bees loose their wings and also stop flying around to make honey. They fly out of the hive and Lili points out a hive in a tree. Suddenly Bongo gets caught in a tail of an animal. They free him and Nessa believes that it's a fox. As Lili flies off to find the hive she accidentally gets caught in a spider web. Lili struggles to get free but the strings pull her back. The spider arrives at the web that Lili is stuck in. It doesn't see Lili in the spider web and traps her to prevent her from falling out even though it is sticky. Then Lili is about to be threatened when Nessa thinks that Lili should have listened to her about not asking people who might know the answer to some questions. The spider leaves the web and after a bee stinger digs into Lili's clothes they begin to bleed. Yuri cuts the spider web with scissors which Matt gave him. Lili is still stuck to the spider web. Nessa pulls her out. Back at school Lili now free from the spider web Lili tells the teacher that she doesn't know everything. The teacher tells Lili to plant seeds to grow a flower. Edit


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