Matt is a human seen in My Big Big Friend and Main Character. His best friend is Bongo. He is almost six years old. With him in the gang, action and adventure abound.


Matt appeared in most episodes of My Big Big Friend. His first appearance was in "Brickle Pickle".


Matt has a peach skin colour. He has big orange hair. He wears an orange soccer jersey with the number eight on the back, black shorts and blue sneakers.


Matt loves to play sports, and is very energetic in everything he does. He is very curious, full of ideas and opinions, and very mischievous, which means he is often getting into trouble.


  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Sister

Trivia Edit

  • In "Hippo-licious", it is revealed that he hates spinach.
  • He did not appear in "Sleepover" but his name was mentioned.
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