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No Kid Is An Island is the second part of the fourth episode of the show "My Big Big Friend".


Lili was at her house with Nessa. She was playing a game of tickling with her when suddenly, Lili noticed that Nessa looked different than she was before they started playing the game. Nessa's legs were white, her eyes had small white bumps around them and her face was red. She lost her balance as she was walking into Lili's bedroom. Lili saw what was happening to Nessa and thought that it was normal. All of a sudden, she got really worried about her when Nessa started to lose her balance and fall to the ground face-up. After Nessa fell down, she got back up. Then Nessa fell down again. This time, she didn't get back up.

Lili: No!

Lili ran to her unconscious friend. She felt sudden coldness all over Nessa's white legs. Nessa's eyes were closed up tight. Lili picked up the unconscious Nessa and carried her to her school. Ms. Carol was the only one in the room.

Lili: Ms. Carol! Something is wrong with Nessa!

Ms. Carol put her hand on Nessa's face.

Ms. Carol: She is really sick. I don't want to say this, but she could become non-verbal and not be able to talk until her sickness disappears, so you have to do something fast.

Lili: What?

Lili went back to her house where Matt was. She put Nessa on the floor. Nessa was hot and was sweating.

Lili turned to Matt and spoke.

Lili: Stay here with Nessa.

She left the house. Matt helped Nessa sit up. He shouldn't have done that.

Nessa: (Screaming.)

Nessa sat up and her eyes widened. She lay back down and felt nauseous. Suddenly, Nessa coughed. Blood ran out of her mouth. It spilled on the ground. Nessa coughed again. A lot of blood ran down her face and stained the ground. Nessa's vision was black in the corners. She then passed out.

Matt: Lili has to see this!

As Nessa woke up, Matt left the house and found Lili standing outside.

Lili: Matt, why are you here?

Matt: Something happened to Nessa!

When Lili and Matt walked back into the house, Lili's eyes widened when she saw what was happening to Nessa. Nessa was screaming in pain and was coughing up more blood. Suddenly, she passed out again.

Lili: Nessa wake up!

Matt: She is not waking up.

Lili: Oh no!

Tears were streaming from Lili's eyes. The only sounds that the two friends heard were Nessa coughing up blood and her fast, short breaths. Then they heard Nessa's voice.

Nessa: L-lili?

Matt left the house. Suddenly, Golias walked in.

Nessa was shivering and sweating at the same time. Blood ran out of her mouth after she coughed again.

Lili: Golias, it's good that you walked into my house. Nessa is going to become non-verbal! I know that!

Tears streamed from her eyes.

Nessa coughed up blood before she passed out completely. The floor was stained red because of Nessa's blood.

Suddenly, Matt and Bongo walked into the house.

Matt noticed that Nessa was sick.

Matt: Nessa is really sick!

Matt noticed that the floor was stained with blood.

Matt: Lili, I know that you willl see this, but there is a cut on Nessa's head.

Blood ran out of the cut on Nessa's head.

Lili: Evil Nessa could have done this to Nessa!

Lili went to Evil Nessa's lair carrying Nessa with her.

Lili: Did you make Nessa get sick?

Lili's eyes widened when Nessa coughed up more blood on the floor.

Evil Nessa: I didn't make Nessa get sick!

Lili went back to her house. Evil Lili walked into the room where Evil Nessa was waiting for her.

Evil Lili: There you are Evil Nessa. Now, I need you to knock out Lili's friend. She is the one with blood all over her face.

Evil Nessa left the building to find Lili's friend.

Back at Lili's house, Nessa appeared to be having an evil thought because she was squirming.

Lili: Nessa wake up!

Nessa opened her eyes.

Nessa: Lili, I need water to drink.

Lili gave Nessa a glass of water. Nessa drank all of it. She fell back, holding her head. Her movements slowed down and she fell asleep.

Nessa suddenly woke up in Evil Nessa's lair.

Lili, Matt, Bongo and Golias walked into the lair, surprised to find Nessa.

Lili ran out of the lair, holding Nessa in her arms with Evil Nessa following her. Suddenly, a sudden pain shot up her leg.

Lili: (Screaming.)

Lili fell down. Her leg was stinging. Lili slowly stood up. Then she fell down again. Lili was ready for Evil Nessa to attack her. She didn't feel any pain. The girl slowly opened her eyes. She saw Matt standing in front of her.

Matt: Try to stand up!

Lili: I can't stand up! My leg is stinging!

Matt: That's not good.

Lili was in a lot of pain.

Matt turned to Nessa and spoke.

Matt: You're too sick to help Lili!

Lili slid over to Nessa and felt the pain go through her leg.

Lili: Nessa!

She didn't know that Evil Nessa was walking toward her. Nessa tried to speak, but only a fast breath came out of her mouth. Bongo grabbed Evil Nessa's leg and accidentally threw her at Lili. Evil Nessa landed on her and Lili screamed.

Lili: (Screaming.)

Lili's quiet scream was interrupted with coughs as she breathed in little pieces of dry flakes and blood. She choked as the uncomfortable bright red liquid went down her throat and airway.

Matt tried to push the big unconscious villain off of Lili, but found out that he couldn't do it.

Lili's coughs were getting really quiet. Matt and Bongo pushed the villain off of Lili, who was now unconscious. The villain's blood ran down her mouth. Matt picked the girl up and carried her to her school with Bongo and Golias following him. Nessa coughed before she stood up and followed them. Ms. Carol opened the door and Matt, Bongo and Golias walked in.

Ms. Carol: What happened to Lili?

Matt: She was knocked out by Evil Nessa. Bongo and I knocked her out.

Matt put Lili on a chair. Lili was still unconscious. Ms. Carol wiped Lili's mouth off with a cloth. Matt held up a glass of water and slowly poured the liquid into Lili's blood-stained mouth. Lili coughed. Her eyes slowly opened.

Lili: Where am I? What happened?

She moved her foot. A lot of pain shot up her leg.

Lili: (Screaming.)

The pain in her leg disappeared as Lili stood up.

Lili: The last thing that I remember was that a villain landed on me and then everything went black.

She looked around the room.

Lili: Where is Nessa?

Suddenly, Nessa walked in. Her legs were still white. Nessa's vision was blurry.

Bongo took Nessa back to Lili's house and carried her into her bedroom. He put her on the bed.

Nessa: I'm having an evil thought that Lili is unconscious!

Bongo: I know that I sometimes have evil thoughts where Matt passes out because he is my friend.

Bongo left the room as Nessa fell asleep.

The next morning, Nessa didn't want to get out of her bed. She stayed in her blood-stained bed trying to not get up. When she woke up sweating and shivering at the same time, she started to cry. A lot of nausea hit her and she tried not to cough. All of a sudden, she gave up and screamed in fear and pain. She looked at the door even though her vision was still blurry. Nessa moved her head toward the window really fast. She shouldn't have done that. Her vision was now bright. It was worse than the nausea that she had.

Lili heard Nessa screaming. Suddenly, Nessa passed out as everything went black. Lili saw Nessa laying on her bed unconscious again. She noticed that Nessa's legs were still white and not pink.

Lili: I have to do something to make Nessa's sickness disappear before she becomes non-verbal!

The girl decided to give Nessa something to drink.

Lili: If I give Nessa something to drink, then she will accept that.

She brought Nessa back to her school where Ms. Carol was. Ms. Carol saw the unconscious Nessa.

Ms. Carol: Is Nessa still sick?

Lili: She still has this sickness. I thought that if she has something to drink, then she won't have head pain this time.

Ms. Carol left the room to get a glass of water for Nessa to drink. Lili sat on a chair holding Nessa.

Lili: Nessa wake up.

Nessa opened her eyes and looked around the room.

Nessa: Lili where am I?

Lili: You are at my school. I thought that you won't have head pain if I gave you something to drink.

Nessa: What?

When Nessa heard this, her eyes widened. She closed her eyes and lay down as she fell asleep.

Ms. Carol walked back into the room holding a glass of water. Lili noticed that Nessa was unconscious again.

Lili: Nessa wake up!

Nessa opened her eyes and saw a table in front of her with the glass of water on it.

Nessa: I don't want any water to drink Lili.

Lili: Nessa! You have to drink something!

Nessa: I don't have to drink anything if I don't want to!

Lili: Drink something!

After trying to get Nessa to drink the water that was in the glass, Lili gave up.

Ms. Carol: Lili, I think that Nessa doesn't want to drink anything.

Lili: If Nessa doesn't want anything to drink, then I will take her back to my house.

Lili walked out of her school.

Lili: Nessa could pass out if she doesn't drink anything!

She looked at Nessa, who was unconscious again. Suddenly, Nessa opened her eyes when she heard a noise. She saw Evil Nessa walking back to her lair. She looked at Evil Nessa, even though her vision was blurry.

Nesr vision turned bright again.

Her legs turned white again as she collapsed to the ground. Lili picked Nessa up and carried her to her house. When she arrived at her house, Nessa woke up.

Nessa opened her mouth to speak, but instead her breathing was the only thing that Lili could hear.

Matt, Bongo and Golias walked into the room.

Lili: What happened to Nessa?

Matt: It appears that she has became non-verbal and she won't be able to talk until we find a silver container to make her sickness disappear.

All of a sudden, Nessa coughed. Blood ran out of her mouth again.

Voice: It looks like that I have found Lili.

It was Yuri who spoke.

Yuri was running so fast that he didn't watch where he was going. He bumped into Lili, who was holding Nessa. Nessa fell to the ground.

Yuri picked Nessa up and gave her to Lili.

Lili: Nessa won't be able to talk until we make her sickness disappear with a silver container!

Yuri: Who said that to you?

Lili: It was Matt.

Lili gave Nessa to Yuri and walked to her bedroom.

Lili: I have to do something to make Nessa's sickness disappear, even if I have to become non-verbal when I'm doing that.

The tears that were streaming from Lili's eyes made the floor wet as she walked into her bedroom. Her eyes were red. She wiped her eyes. Her eyes were stinging a lot. Lili cried before she felt tired and collapsed on her bed. After ten minutes, she fell asleep.

Voice: Lili wake up!

Lili opened her eyes and saw Matt standing beside her.

Matt: We have to go to Evil Lili's lair to find the silver container.

Lili: I will do something to make Nessa's sickness disappear, even if I could become non-verbal when I'm doing it!

Matt left the room as Lili fell asleep.

Lili had an evil thought where she was with Nessa at her house. Suddenly, Evil Lili appeared holding a bag of needles.

Lili: Nessa! A villain is right behind you!

Nessa didn't hear her and motioned Lili to walk out of the house. Lili walked out of the mansion. After Lili left the house, Nessa screamed in pain. Lili saw the villain standing beside Nessa with one of her needles in her arm. Evil Lili pulled the needle out of Nessa's arm and left the mansion.

Lili's eyes widened when she saw this. Nessa has became non-verbal. Slowly, Lili walked over to Nessa, whose arm was stained with blood.

Lili: Nessa?

Lili looked at Nessa's blood-stained arm. Nessa's eyes were open. She didn't appear to be moving or speaking to Lili. Blood ran down her mouth and ran fast out of the cut on her arm.

Lili suddenly woke up as she screamed. Yuri heard Lili screaming and ran into her bedroom.

Yuri: Are you okay Lili?

Lili: I'm okay. I had an evil thought.

Lili and Yuri walked to Evil Lili's lair with Bongo, Golias and Matt. Lili was carrying Nessa.

Lili was running so fast that she accidentally bumped into Yuri. As Lili and Yuri fell to the ground, Nessa fell down behind them.

Lili: Nessa, are you okay?

She heard a fast breath that was coming from Nessa. Nessa, who was right behind Lili was still non-verbal.

Lili picked Nessa up and turned to Yuri.

Lili: I don't want Nessa to be non-verbal! She is my friend!

Yuri: We will find a silver container to make Nessa's sickness disappear. After her sickness disappears, she will be able to speak again.

Voice: I will try to knock out Lili's friend one last time.

It was Evil Nessa who spoke. Golias ran toward Evil Nessa, but he stopped running when a lot of pain went through his legs. He fell to the ground.

Evil Nessa tried to get away, but she tripped over a needle that was sticking out of the ground and fell down. She pulled the needle out of the ground and stood up. Evil Nessa moved her foot on the ground and the cut on her foot disappeared. She ran to Evil Lili's lair.

Golias tried to sit up, but then his vision turned bright. He then started screaming.

Golias: (Screaming.) I can't see!

Yuri helped Golias stand up as his vision returned to normal.

Bongo's thoughts were interrupted by a scream of surprise that was coming from Lili. He saw Evil Lili sitting on the ground holding a bag of needles. Lili was right behind the villain.

Yuri heard Lili screaming and ran toward her. He screamed as he tripped over a needle that was sticking out of the ground. Blood ran down his leg. Yuri pulled the needle out of the ground and stood up. He handled the pain that went through his leg as he ran toward his friend. When he got to her, Yuri saw Evil Lili holding on to Lili with her tied up in ropes.


Evil Lili sneered and pulled a needle out from her bag that was hanging over her arm. Quickly, she ran the needle down the left side of Lili's face, cutting really hard into the area. Lili screamed with pain as the bright red blood drained down from her face.

Lili: (Screaming.) Why are you doing this?

Evil Lili: Evil Nessa told me that I had to make you become non-verbal!

Lili began to weep. Bloody tears drained down the left side of her face and normal tears ran down the right side of her face. Evil Lili sneered.

Evil Lili: Your helpless weeping isn't going to get you out of this situation, Lilers!

She pulled out another needle from her bag and plunged it into Lili's left arm. Lili screamed as more blood drained down from her arm. The blood covered her hand. Evil Lili then threw Lili on the ground like a rag mop. Lili landed on the ground painlessly and she was so tired that she couldn't sit up. Then she passed out. Yuri's eyes widened.

As Lili lay unconscious on the ground, Yuri jumped on top of Evil Lili. All of a sudden, he fell to the ground and screamed in pain. Evil Lili laughed evilly, grabbed the unconscious Lili and ran off. Matt ran over to Yuri and shook him.

Matt: Yuri, wake up!

Yuri opened his eyes and stood up. All of a sudden, he realized that Lili was not there. Then he found out that Evil Lili had took her.

Suddenly, Bongo and Golias walked up to Matt and Yuri.

Matt: We have to go to Evil Lili's lair to find Lili.

They ran off to Evil Lili's lair. Matt was carrying Nessa. Nessa didn't speak. All Matt could hear was her breathing.

Evil Lili ran to her lair with Lili, who was still tied up and unconscious. She suddenly vanished behind the building. She appeared in a secret room where it was really cold. Evil Lili handled the coldness. She threw Lili against the wall. Lili started to move and then her eyes opened. She felt the coldness. Lili sighed and sat up. She looked around the room with tears streaming from her brown eyes. She then started crying again. Lili saw something bright. It was a silver container.

She felt tears run down her face. Lili grabbed the container. It sparkled in her hand. She knew that it was the only container in the lair until more of them were brought in.

When Yuri, Golias, Bongo and Matt arrived at the lair, Yuri was starting to feel cold.

Matt used an air machine to make Yuri feel warm. Golias pulled out a hot (and warm) cloth and wrapped it around his body to make him feel warm. Matt and Bongo drank a warm liquid to make themselves feel warm. All of a sudden, Yuri heard Lili's screams of fear and pain. Matt pulled out a glass container.

Matt: Take this container into the lair with you.

Yuri grabbed the glass container and ran into the lair. Lili screamed as Evil Lili raked her hip with one of her needles. Blood drained out of Lili even more. She felt nervousness and pain hit her head. Lili looked right at Evil Lili.

Lili: Stop giving me cuts, Evil Lili. Why would you do this?

Evil Lili: Evil Nessa told me to do this to you.

Lili: Why did Evil Nessa tell you to make me become non-verbal? What did I do to her to make her tell you to do this to me?

Evil Lili: You're Nessa's friend. She told me to make you become non-verbal, so that she could do the same thing to Matt. Matt told me that Nessa had to become non-verbal.

Lili: Why?

Evil Lili: I will do what I have to do!

Lili: (Crying.) Do you have to make me become non-verbal right now?

Evil Lili: I will do that the evil way.

Lili tried to stand up as Evil Lili pulled out another needle from her bag and grabbed her. Evil Lili lifted Lili's arm up and slowly brought the needle toward it.


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