Written here is the full transcript for the episode "Perfect Princess".

Nessa: can I open my eyes now?

Lili: not peeking.

Nessa: oh but I can't wait.

Lili: okay I'm ready you can look.well what did you think.

Nessa: oh you look so beautiful just like the princess on the books.

Lili: I know.except she's not wearing glasses.

doorbell rings

Nessa: oh there they are I'd better go check on their costumes.

Lili: not have to stay here.cause I'm a princess.and you're a princess helper.

Nessa: a princess helper oh wonderful.what does a princess helper do?

Lili: helps.

Nessa: oooh.

Lili: helps the princess.

Nessa: ahh to do what?

Lili: find a prince of course.

Lili's mom: hi Yuri you're the first one here for Lili's costume party my that's a terrific costume.

Yuri: I am a space robot.

Lili's mom: I can see that well c'mon in and close the door.i have to check the pizza.