It was really dark outside. A doctor that was at the hospital was just walking into the building to see if anyone was in there. She turned all of the lights on in the building and opened the door. The doctor was just about to walk into the hospital when she noticed a figure who was sitting down right next to her.

She walked close to the figure to see who it was, but it was too dark outside because the lights outside of the building were not turned on. At first, she thought that the figure was Golias, but after she turned all of the lights on outside of the building, she saw that the figure was wearing black pants, red clothes with sleeves and orange hair. The figure was Matt.

The doctor carefully picked him up and ran into the hospital to see what was wrong with Bongo's friend. Matt's face was red and he was breathing really fast, but he wasn't unconscious. The doctor realized that Bongo's friend was okay. Suddenly, she heard footsteps from outside of the door and she walked over to the door to open it. When she opened the door, Bongo ran into the hospital.