Written here is the full transcript for the episode "Time Out!".

(The episode starts off with the kids at the park.Lili and Nessa are busy setting up a new game.)

  • Lili: "Perfect."
  • Matt: "You can't catch me."
  • Yuri: "Can too."
  • Lili: "Hey guys.Wanna play a new game.It's called croquet."
  • Yuri: "Crocake."
  • Lili: "No.Croquet like okay."
  • Matt: "Okay.Let's play croquet."
  • Bongo: "Okay.Croquet."
  • All: (Laughter).
  • Lili: "See where I put the hoops.The first thing we have to do is."

(She sees the boys having fun.Lili blows her whistle to get her attention.)

  • Lily: "That's not how we play croquet.We have to follow the rules.Everyone takes turns and you have to hit the ball through the hoops."
  • Nessa: "And Lili says there are more rules too."
  • Matt: "I wanna go first."
  • Yuri: "You always go first."
  • Lili: "I'm the croquet boss.Cuz I know the rules.And I have the whistle(Blows her whistle)So I'm first.You have to do it exactly like this."

(Lili bends over sticks her tongue and wiggles.She hits the ball with her croquet stick.)

  • Nessa: "Oh look.It nearly went through the hoop."
  • Matt: "Watch this."

(Matt bends over sticks his tongue and wiggles.He hits the ball with his croquet stick and hits Lili's ball.)

  • Lili: (Gasps).
  • Matt: "Yes."
  • Bongo: "Wowwee.Did you see that smack into Lili's ball.Splat."

(Lili blows her whistle.)

  • Lily: "Big mistake.You're not allowed to hit another ball."
  • Matt: "Why not."
  • Lili: "It says so right here."
  • Matt: "But you don't know how to read it."
  • Lili: "Doesn't matter.I know them by heart.And if you break a rule you have to go to the timeout box(Blows her whistle)."

(Matt angrily walks to the timeout box.)